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    Payroll services

Secure your social management

We understand the burden that wage processing places on small businesses. Our goal is to simplify your life, so we offer a full range of payroll services.

The majority of our clients use our services to fully focus on their business. Due to the evolving and complex nature of the labour law, our expert team in salary processing will ensure your employees are properly paid on time. Applying to Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire will allow you to benefit from:

  • Accurate processing of inputs and outputs of your employees
  • Exact calculation of deductions and net salary
  • Management of payments to Luxembourg employees and authorities
  • Accurate end-of-year declarations submitted in time to avoid costly penalties


Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire can also support you in the administrative tasks related to your company staff:

  • Drafting of your employment contracts
  • Affiliation / disaffiliation of your staff with social security
  • Calculation of wages and establishment of pay slips
  • Declaration of wages to the social security
  • Establishment of remuneration certificates and / or balances for any account


Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire provides clients a comprehensive and confidential payroll service that meets the latest regulations. We have developed « My ICOM »,  a secure platform where you and your employees can access all your documents such as payslips and certificates.