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    Chartered accounting

Our core business

We believe that accurate accounting is the cornerstone of most professional services. With accurate accounting data, you will not only prepare your tax returns but also use this information to compare your company's situation from a previous year, update your business plan, produce reports and statements for your banks or investors and compare your business to the competition.

Your company is constantly faced with challenges of growth, innovation or transformation. Undeniably, it has to evolve in order to survive in a constantly changing economic and social environment. Thanks to our expertise and industry knowledge, we help you design and implement your transformation from strategic thinking to operational action.

As a chartered accountant and member of the Luxembourg Institute of Chartered Accountants, Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire is not only responsible for keeping and preparing of annual accounts, but also for financial and organisational analysis, while fulfilling all the administrative and fiscal formalities required by law.