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    Tax declaration

For companies and individuals

Whether in your private life or as part of your business, tax reporting is an inevitable and essential exercise. It is essential to master the codes to support it with equity and according to your ability to pay. In general, taxation occurs at all stages of the life of your company and attach all of your operations.

Because of the ever-changing nature of tax laws, particularly in Luxembourg, Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire has tax advisers who are constantly keeping pace with the new regulations. We are here to help you to meet tax standards and provide the level of service you need for the future.

Our mission at Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire is to relieve you of this task by ensuring that your tax returns are accurate. We offer you a wide range of services to optimise all tax obligations:

  • Tax (re)structuring of national and international groups ;
  • Assistance in fixing transfer prices ;
  • Representation with tax administrations ;
  • Cross-border VAT advice ;
  • Structuring of VAT in the context of transactions ;
  • Assistance with VAT checks ;
  • Preparation of VAT returns.