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    Company’s incorporation

A personnalized assistance in your business project

Through its multidisciplinary approach, Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire is involved in the creation of companies by offering tax planning and administration services to local and international clients. We provide our clients with a personalised service through these different actions:

  • Test your project ;
  • Design your business model ;
  • Prepare your financial plan ;
  • Write the articles of your company ;
  • Put you in touch and coordinate with notaries and lawyers in Luxembourg and elsewhere ;
  • Connect you and coordinate with experts and credit institutions in Luxembourg and elsewhere ;
  • Domiciliate your business.

Fiduciaire Intercommunautaire accompanies its clients in the choice of the statutes which will condition the continuation of the entrepreneurial adventure. Whether in the form of capital companies such as S.A., S.à r.l.; or persons such as SNC, SCI, each of them has its own formalities. Our team of experts helps our clients to choose the best structure for their future activities as well as for any provision made available by the Luxembourg government.